The arena of communication and the related technology has advanced with the exponential speed that we never thought was possible. With each passing day we are presented with ever new option in mobiles and smart phones that we at times feel overwhelmed with such plethora of choices. There is obviously no shortage of smart phones in the market as many leading brands have offered their phone with special functions and features.

There are many qualities that every smart phone has but each company has given its own signature touch to all their products for making perfect product that can satisfy diverse expectation of persons who own the smart phone.

Here we present you some of the phones that are leading the world of smart phone and these are –

  1. Apple I-phone 6 – Apple is always known for its quality products that are useful, durable and stylish. After many series of smart phones launched by various brands Apple has come up with phone that is loaded with variety of features that are useful for both official work and entertainment purposes. This product has largest screen in apple phone series, bigger camera, features that are fully supported by durable battery that stays in working conditions for very long period. Apple I-phone 6 has A8 brain prototype with iOS 8 platform that enables all the applications and features to run at rapid speed.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S5 – This smart phone is one of the most liked phones around the globe because of its dynamic features, sleek design and pocket friendly prices. Form the very beginning Samsung has introduced many smart phones that people loved very much as now they have given new edge to the world of smart phones. Samsung Galaxy S5 have biggest camera that Samsung has to offer with Led display that doesn’t require much power. You will get ultimate “touch” as its processor enables to run all the apps with in nanoseconds. You can also run multiple functions at the same time and enjoy yourself with millions of games that works in offline and online conditions.
  3. HTC One – This phone is indeed a very nice phone that has everything that a person requires with many distinctive features. This is one of the very few phones that you might think that is similar to the other phone available in the market, but when you will start using it then you will see the difference between this smart phone and all the others. It has all the features plus qualities such as fine camera, high quality big display with smooth touch feature that can give solid challenge to leading I-phone. The battery backup of this phone is terrific and you can use this smart phone for many hours without worrying at all.

All in all, there is no doubt that the ever-expanding sphere of smart phones is going to sizzle and pulsate with incredible innovation and refinement and we all are bound to enjoy its results in our day to day life!