Although in Italy there are some private and government agencies regularly or scenes aerophotogrammetric producing very high resolution of the distribution and the policy of restricting the data do not allow researchers to perform this type of analysis.

While in Italy, especially in the last year, the concept of open data is becoming more and more common this is still a theoretical idea since public authorities have released very few geospatial data.

GE allows the process of photo interpretation, digitizing and multi-temporal analysis with a single easy to use.

All mapping project used only human resources (researcher photointerpretation) without costs for tools and images acquisition and pre-processing by GE.
Even if the radiometric and spatial resolution images of GE are lower than those provided by Italian public bodies, researchers demonstrated the ability to use GE for mapping urban agriculture. Images are sufficient to discover cultivated plots as small as 8 square meters and allow photointerpreters use all visual element to identify farming activities, (tone, color, texture, pattern, etc).

Since 2011 GSV report the date and time in the status bar GE. This helped researchers to have a clear idea about the acquisition time for the “virtual field verification.” However there are some limitations in the ability to use GSV: 1.The temporal mismatch between GE imagery plots used for identification (2013) and GSV (2011-2012). 2.The temporal variation between the individual images of GSV, in scenes acquired at different times facts are woven together to form a continuous coverage along the streets (in our study area GSV find images acquired in 2011 and 2012).