Over the last few years there seems to be a surge in technology that was never imagined and yes, it is the touch screen phones. The touch screen mobile phones have revolutionized the telephone industry and today everybody wants to be seen with a smart phone as they are now referred to. The touch screen phone has become a minicomputer in the sense that it does the work of a computer quite easily with just the touch of your fingertips.  Mobile phone manufacturers are today vying with each other to add to the already exist sting technology to attract consumers to the smart phones and increase their sales of the mobiles. Therefore, to understand the reason for the popularity of the mobile phone, it is important to understand the device, its functioning and what makes it so indispensable.

With the modern mobile phones, probably the finger tips are the most worked out part in the entire body since with the smart mobile phone it is possible to browse the internet, gather information, send emails and messages, know your time, click photographs, video and create a playlist of your favorite music and above all call and talk to people who are at a distance (the basic duty for which the Graham Bell invented the device the good old telephone).
With such high multi-tasking facilities, and multi-functional features, it is not surprising to find that the smart phone reached unimaginable heights of popularity. Almost everyone who is anyone in the world has mobile touch phone and it is probably the one thing that does not increase in price, but actually, comes down after a period of being in the market. Of course, it is true the rates differ according to its features and the high end ones are likely to cost a fortune, but in general it can be seen that the touch screen phones are affordable and with fairly good features that make it convenient for a number of functions.

The popularity of the touch screen phones are also popular because of their high technology services which include Push Email, and ActiveSync to name just a couple of them. The convenience that the touch screen provides is that people can remain mobile all the time and do the function that the phone permits. For example, they do not need to open their laptop or workstation computer to read emails or receive an important message which would mean having to wait till they reach the office or their home. But with the touch screen phones they can be anywhere and be able to access mails and receive messages. It is possible to even reply to those messages as soon as it is received.

Therefore, it is obvious that with all these conveniences, the touch screen mobile is here to stay, but the technology is not going to be tied down to this. As years pass by, the handiness of the mobile phone is sure to be enhanced with newer technology, but one is forced to wonder “What next!”