What there will be left in the world without technology and the advancement of the people in every development field? Many are clueless and never think of their life without technology and communication. At present every large organization and firm is using technology in every way to enlighten the people about their production and the services provided for the comfort in life.  As you know, in case of hard situations, shocking circumstances and other mishaps, technology unite the people to know the situation of the tragedy where their families and friends and related people are stuck and they have no clue about them. Certain support is provided by technology to get in touch with them through a network and investigate their whereabouts and relax after knowing that they are safe and alive.

To most of us, technology is just a smart device in hand with a fast internet connection to browse the social networking sites and present likes and follow on Instagram. This is also a fair way to be connected with far off people in different continents. It is not of that sort only as hundreds and millions of people are connected and united by technology without any space and least chance of isolating them. Mainly, the abilities of the people of 60’s, 70’s & 80’s are different as that of 90’s which is the main reason for development in technology and keeping the people connected to each other to solve certain issues which are impossible without technology and the skill of the people.

No one can imagine in what way the technology unites people to make a better future and no person desires to replace an inherent nature, a soul or a spirit for technology which is changing every other day in the form of development. No law, till date is able to stop or prevent the technology in uniting the people through the internet or any other network as millions of people share, Skype, tweet and Chat in an endless way for longer durations. Most of the problems in organizations and firms are resolved through technology and a team of skilled members who fix the issue to make the organization and business move ahead and reach to the heights of success to rule the competitive market.

The main perception is that, proper planning, time to solve the problem or testing or designing a solution that is implemented in the organization to achieve development through technology is not a child’s play. Mainly, Technology is an influence on our lives in negative and positive way and it does not divide any of us, but keep united instead every time in public and in a personal place. In general, technology presents a negative effect on certain age groups separating them from the real life and letting to make a fantasy world which sometimes leads to uncontrollable factors.

If you know well about the ways that technology unites people then you have self confidence in you and keep yourselves away from its negative influence on your life and the society as well.