Most of the countries across the world call media as the forth pillar of democracy. Many of the emotions of the democratic nation are expressed through media. In today’s world this pillar is supported by the social media to a great extent. For the general public that may not be able to access the main stream media as easily, social media has become a means of expression for almost all issues existent in the society today.

Social media in general includes all the means of mass communication that are used by the public in general to interact with the rest of the society. Whether it be the more popular tools of social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Google + or be it the private forums which enable people with a common concern to interact with each other, social media is playing a great role in integrating the world as we know it.

The importance of social media can’t be denied in the world where everyone is interested in becoming popular. Being a celebrity is no more localized to a few people in movies, sports or politics. Social media has given birth to a new category of celebrities called the social media celebrities. The people with unique talent or knowledge are no more in need of a major break so as to able to make the public listen to them. If you have the talent and social media on your side, any talent that is worthwhile can easily find its worth. One such example is of a toddler and her mother who recorded themselves singing a song from a Disney movie while in their car. The video did not only become viral on social media, it also made them celebrities overnight with over 4 million views in a few days. Given the degree of popularity that the common people can earn via social media, it is no surprise that the movie stars are leaving no stones unturned in using the same for connecting with their fans.

Another manner in which social media has greatly contributed in making our world a better place is by raising socially importance issues. So whether it is the breast cancer awareness campaign on Instagram or the Youtube video of Alia Bhatt talking about girls’ safety gone viral. The social media has started to talk about the issues which were never talked before. Through the social media, the general public has started to talk about the issues that earlier made them uncomfortable. In this manner, social media has helped the society take a big step towards reality.

The above mentioned roles are of a more social nature. We now move on to talk about a more commercial aspect of social media. Since the social media has a huge audience, it has made a very popular mode of advertisement and marketing. More and more business organizations are using social media to connect with their target customers and serve them better. An example of the same is the fact that most major business houses proudly host Facebook and Twitter pages.

Hence we see that social media has a major role to play in changing the world we live in.