There is no denying the fact that technology has made our lives much more easy than it used to be a few decades ago. However, a good thing always seems to be accompanied with something bad as well. While we have started trusting technology on each and every issue, the technology itself is at a risk of being corrupted.

Think of what you may go through if you find that all the personal and sensitive data that you mailed to a friend has been breached and accessed by an unknown person. The fate of all the sensitive information can be as bad as imaginable.

Such a breach of information has been made possible by viruses and malware. So while saving any data on a computer system one has always to be ready to tackle any malware and viral threats that may come along the way. However, even if such a threat to our information exists, there also exists ways in which we can protect our computer systems from viruses.

The first way to give your computer system protection is by installing antivirus software. Once an antivirus has been installed on your computer you can rest assured that any new fictitious activity would be readily checked and resolved. This would prevent any new viruses from entering your computer system. Further, it is to be noted here that it is important to update the version of the antivirus software to ensure that it is able to detect and resolve any new viral issues.

Another way of protecting your system from viruses while using internet is to avoid opening any emails or links that you are not sure of. This also includes the web pages that pop up when you visit some known website. Avoid clicking on any of these unless absolutely sure that you desire to view the content in it. Additionally you may install a pop-up blocker on your system. This will prevent any pop-up pages from coming when you are logged into a website. Doing so minimizes a major threat to your computer system.

Using a firewall is another way by which one can give additional protection to their computer system. It can be understood by considering it synonymous to an actual wall of fire. Only that this wall exists in the virtual world. The firewall blocks the virus and malware from entering a system that is protected by a firewall. Additionally you can change the privacy settings on your browser to make sure that the web pages you do open can only access such information that you want to share with them.

In order to keep your system protected it is important that you update windows installed on the computer on a regular basis. Since Microsoft security update on a regular basis, it will play a major role in protecting your computer.

By following as many of the above options, one can ensure higher safety to their computer systems. The more measures you take the more is your system protected from malware and virus attack.