Started from the dorms of Stanford, Facebook has become a highly popular website beating Orkut and many others in its competition. Now Facebook not only connects people like you and me but it has pages and ads for all sorts of businesses. While social media – Google+ and Twitter lets you connect with your customer, but traditional form of marketing ads are still as important as they were earlier. Lots of businesses use advertisements along with their networking efforts.

Whether you are an individual or a small business or a large business, everyone is rushing in to creating their huge presence on Facebook and attract more customers, keep them updated with what’s in, what’s out, new sales and offers, promotional campaigns. Just like mobile advertising, Facebook advertisement is a thing in itself. Believe it or not, it is an important platform to showcase and advertise your products. It has reached such potential that marketers are including the costs of Facebook ads in their budgets. But before you consider using Facebook for your business growth, you need to consider some important factors

Firstly, you need to consider your objectives and the reason it’s important for your company to market your products through Facebook. Secondly, you need to know which segment of the market you are targeting through the ads, the goals you want to achieve – are you trying to sell your products or you want to generate traffic. Last but not the least; you need a dedicated individual or a team who will be managing your Facebook page on a regular basis for regular interaction between your business page and Facebook users.

Below we are going to discuss the pros and cons of using Facebook.

The pros…

Facebook is a very popular social networking site being used on daily basis. Advertising via Facebook provides visibility and audience to the advertisements. It is easier to target the ads to a specific group of audience and cluster them according to the basic options like location, gender etc. and thereafter on the basis of needs it can be further regrouped per workplace, relationship status. The promised appeal, knowledge of audience and creativity to touch the audience large or specific makes it a viable and budgeted choice. It will add value in terms of time, money and commodities getting likewise audience. You can grow your online fan base or increase more hits or traffic by reaching through ads and promoted posts.

The Cons

A downhill of targeting audience via social media is you unconsciously eradicate the potential populace who are not part of that demography and also limits the audience as it is not everyone but some. You can know your target audience, but you can’t know it all. The creativity of the ad is the challenge of knowing it all but not knowing at all. Today there are loads of advertisements on the Facebook page when you login. Your ad, one amongst many has a chance of getting lost in the crowd and it means more money for social networking site. The main aim of social media still remains networking, they want to connect and not sell. People won’t really come to buy on Facebook; it is their own private space to meet their friends.