Technology has been the basis of society since ages. It was prevalent and known in the past as it is in the present and of course will continue to thrive and grow in future also. It has not only eased out our lives but also captured us completely. As we all know, “necessity is the mother of all inventions”.  We have tasks and need therefore we seek easiest way to accomplish it. In the process as we gain we even lose on some essentials. Let us take an unbiased look and consider 5 areas where technology has made a great impact.

1) Computers. Almost the biggest invention ever, today computers has a very elaborate role to play in our lives be it communications, entertainment, business or offering solutions to other science and technology development. Aptly summed under the banner of information technology it entered our lives and captured it completely. But as we have allowed that, we are at risk of data loss, personal data and information access by bigger technology tycoons, Hackers.
2) Communications. Technology has brought a revolution in the field of communications. With the advent of mobiles, e-mails and social networking where communication has become much faster and easier, the traditional ways of getting in touch with our near and dear ones is on extinct. Our lives are trapped in the virtual world where human expressions are comfortably replaced by stickers.
3) Business. A cutting edge which is essential for a flourishing and growing business is perfectly provided by the technological advancements in this field. Technology no doubt has the capability to increase the efficiency and provide competitive advancement in this field also. It has increased the return on investment. It provides quick results through automation of processes and in turn reduces the manpower required but at the same time it leaves people jobless.
4) Education. Computers and internet have made information access easier. Students can attain the required information anytime, anywhere on websites like Wikipedia and Google. At the same time, there is a plethora of information which is not apt for their view, but available to them at just a click. Also with kids devoting a lot of time on-line, the culture of reading books is almost dying its own death.
5) Banking. This sector has also progressed with embracing the latest technology. Gone are the days of standing in long lines for a simple banking transaction or getting stressed in carrying cash. With business and banking adopting the card revolution, paperless eco friendly options have saved time, efforts and given a stressfree cashless life. But this can work against you if you lose any of your cards because you get exposed to card hacking and all your hard earned money may just vanish in a second.
As consumers and benefiters we keep aspiring for more and better life. Technology offers it on the plate with reduced human time and efforts, but how much we have to allow technology to command us that is for us to decide.