Readers here know that every Thursday I post an old photo agriculture, often a field that shows the use of labor animals or old farm machinery. Regardless of whatever Outlook or feelings of supremacy food “gourmet” we have, the fact is that we won free time in the industrialization of agriculture in recent decades has delivered us from the endless hours previously spent doing physical work to put food on the table.

Reminding ourselves in the past probably means different things to different people. A person feels nostalgic. Younger people are educated about the ways of the past. And others expect peak oil and resource depletion (or pick your own collapse scenario) to get us back to the old methods of production need, so look back to look forward.

If you grew up on a farm like I did, you certainly saw deprecated-collars and other hand tools hanging in barns or sheds on his farm machinery maintained environment “just in case”. People who lived through the Great Depression simply did not throw away useful things. You can still use a scythe personal favorite tool or other farm his family’s belongings.

Personally, I love seeing the old photos of Europe including at sites listed here, as they are in some cases more and different new world.
Back in February, I introduced you to Open Source Ecology, business outside Missouri are making plans for DIY Global Village Construction Set which includes a wind turbine, a bulldozer, and an electric motor / generator, to name a few. One of the last projects Marcin Jakubowski is technical drawing of a steam engine. (Jakubowski was from Poland with an advanced fusion physics degree.)

Go to the page and find photos of old wooden rakes hay, yokes of oxen, potato planter, and a host of other tools that were used in England, Wales and Scotland from as early as 1600.