A digital tablet or tablet or simply tab is an integrated technology which has made computer more handy and mobile. It is an electronic device therefore has a battery, circuitry and like a computer it has a display screen but all this is embedded in one single unit. Unlike a computer it does not have a physical keyboard but it does have buttons for controls like volume adjustment like a mobile phone. Tablets have on screen virtual keyboards like that in touch screen phones which can be used for typing. But if required external peripherals like mouse or a physical keyboard can be attached to it. Tablet has descended from the technological advancement brought in by smart phones and has a similar processor and operating system. Normally speaking, the size of a tablet ranges anywhere between 7-10 inches (measured diagonally). Navigation between windows and other operations are performed on the touch screen by swiping or on screen typing.

Conceptualized in the 20th century, tabs were launched by Apple in April 2010 and since then its sale graph has only seen upslope. And today it has outsmarted the outdated possession of traditional laptops and PCs and thus consumers are buying more tabs than laptops.


  1. It has an anti glare display which is high definition offering superior display quality with no harmful effects for the eyes. You can comfortably work on your tab for hours.
  2. Internet can be accessed using both WiFi and regular broadband connection.
  3. You can take pictures with its front and back facing camera and record videos. You can view and edit your pictures also.
  4. Tablet is a complete entertainment box and you can enjoy music, watch videos, movies or even view TV.
  5. It has a powerful battery backup with more life than a laptop.
  6. You can read e-books and access numerous e-reading sites to keep you going when on travel.
  7. Tablet is the new in thing in the gaming zone with most of the games designed these days especially for tab. Playing games is fun and much easier on tab in comparison to mobiles and laptops.
  8. Most of the tablets in the market offer Bluetooth connectivity for a wireless keyboard and mouse.
  9. It is embedded with a flash memory which adds to the processing speed.
  10. You can easily check mails or get connected to social media and networking sites.

With these features just to name a few let us take a look at the types of tablets. There are various brands offering tabs available in the market but as the first tablet to hit the market was IPad designed by Apple, due to its huge success and cutting edge technology, many companies went ahead to create their own version of IPad. And now there is an upgraded version with IPad2 in the market.

Definitely with such smart features and easy mobility, tabs are here to replace laptops. Buying a tab instead a laptop is a more cost effective decision also.