Paris: European Space Agency spacecraft to land on the surface of comets of Rostov preparations have walls and floor space to land on the planet have the final choice.

Human about comets always had strange ideas and fascinating stories whilst attributes societies worldwide are attributed to her stories, but now that I finally opened the secret so terrible or comet strange why the European Space roast too soon comets land on the surface is but remember that it reach roast 10 years of patient time spent and 44 million kilometers traveled, although it is choice of land on the planet had a problem, the scientists on the planet, which was selected five areas a, B, C, I and J were named. Thought a lot of different places and after reviewing the space scientists egg shape ‘J’ is chosen.

Scientists to comets duck shaped 67 P curium jorums call Anne, who treasure this planet has been chosen location code name is Jay and scientists believe that this place is not only safer but also functional acquisition is also supported, in charge of the mission Stephen aflame say this comet is very beautiful, but the world is dramatic, but it is also a science challenge for scientists is its shape.

The European Space Agency says the roast on November 11 landed on the planet’s surface, which will take the robot probe named Fly install the lab, which weighs 100 kg, this sophisticated equipment for research have been installed, the surface of the planet with the help of screw eligible after the roast will be installed so that they are firmly fixed, and 30 cm from the surface of the planet, so there will be deep drilling content be to research which will help.

European spacecraft ready to reveal the secrets of comets