Sugar (diabetes), which is also known as the silent killer, the increasing number of cases worldwide has devastated the alarm with the treatment of this deadly disease as a result of dieting, can be easily overcome.

Where negligence, lack of Walsh, use of sweet and fat foods cause diabetes, while vegetables, fruits and other foods used for patients with diabetes is extremely useful, not only prevents further progression of the disease, but through the use of these foods regularly on this silent killer can be easily found out.

Strawberry: Experts say that eating strawberries with sugar on a daily basis can be overcome, strawberry protein in the body that stimulate the body’s excess fat and lowers blood fats.

Apples: Apples clinical use for patients with diabetes is extremely useful because it keeps the fruit is on the level of blood sugar.

Spinach: This vegetable is rich in nutritious sugar very useful for patients when the medical experts of spinach daily use lowers diabetes risk by 14 percent.

Yogurt and cheese: Medical experts believe that yogurt and cheese healthy bacteria that cause diabetes resistance elements and their use of sugar in the liquid decreases.

Turmeric: Turmeric Experts yellow mixture in large quantities is also very useful for patients with diabetes.

Cinnamon: meals using spices as cinnamon in the numerous advantages they are also useful for the sugar, cinnamon amount of glucose in the blood is normal, the cholesterol and insulin Sensitivity is also improved.

Control Sugar (Diabetes) - Safe foods