There has been a revolutionary change in society ever since the computers entered people’s lives. Not only has it shrunk the world into what may be called a “global village” but it has also changed the way people think, work, and in short, live. Computers have also introduced new terms, new language and new methods of communication. Today you may not find a woman who says “thank you” properly, but she definitely would use the term “click” or “ping” with ease. The integration of technology in daily life has boosted the dependency of people on the computers and today no house is without this “storehouse of information”. Therefore, it can be seen that the impact of computers in society and its people is deep and holistic.

Having accepted the fact that today it is trendy to be “tech” savvy and expected to know a lot of handling or operating a computer, it needs to be also understood that computers can be harmful in different ways. The impact of the computer depends on how the user wants to be impacted or the level of the impact can be set or determined by the user. Spending long hours in one position, without a break can have major ergonomic problems for the person. Secondly, there are scams and deceptive elements in the entire world and by exposing oneself and one’s personal information to them, one becomes vulnerable to harm. The users need to be extremely vigilant and cautious as to how much of information is given out on the internet. It depends on the user to determine how the computer and the technology associated with it can be optimized for personal benefit and for the benefit of the society.

But having understood its pros and cons, the technology of computers can be really effective in advancing one’s career, knowledge and skills. The computer is such a storehouse of information, that the information about anything and everything is available on the net. Though the technology of the computer is turning more and more advanced , the size of the computer, however, is turning smaller and though we know that “small bundles bring great joy” this is definitely more encouraging as the computer is today turned palm-sized and pocket-sized.

Computers have now become man’s best friend and a life without one is unimaginable. The computer technology has made all the other devices redundant as today it is possible to watch movies, listen to music, read books or E-books, talk to people using the telephonic device and also send mails and documents. Hence, this all – in –one device makes it easy to multi-task and also do away with many gadgets that are necessary in life especially in the work place.

The impact of technology in society has resulted in the development of various media like the social media which truly and holistically connects the world. The implementation of technology in computers, both hardware and software, has made this highly advanced device extremely useful for man. Since it continues to develop, it is possible that society will benefit further with the use of newer technology in computers.