Gaming consoles which come with user friendly features like joysticks, buttons, controllers etc. has become an important source of recreation for children and adults alike and choosing 4 best gaming console available in the market is quiet a difficult task. However the Xbox 360, Play station 3, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS are undoubtedly the most popular ones which I am going to discuss in this article today.

Play Station 3: is one of the best gaming consoles which come with an inbuilt Blu ray player which enables the user to easily swap between a multimedia suite and a gaming platform. The sleek 2011 version of PS3 is extremely popular and if one avail the PS3 game bundle it would save him around $50. The family entertainment game bundle which was released in 2013 is an excellent choice if you are buying the console for your family. However if you are a gaming junkie it is suggested that you go for the Assassin’s Creed bundle, the Unchartered 3 bundle or the God of War Ascension Legacy bundle.

Xbox 360
Though the Xbox360 is undoubtedly the best console available in the market, however it falls short when it comes to multimedia. If you are ready to use your gaming console solely for the purpose of gaming then the Xbox 360 is the best choice for you. Its low power consumption and sleek design makes it the safest buy. The best part of buying the Xbox 360 is the Xbox Live Arcade which offers a vast library of game demos and arcade games. However it doesn’t have much optimal bundles when compared with PS3. Buying the Xbox Spring Value Bundle is a good choice if you are interested in availing the additional bonuses.

Nintendo Wii
The most popular family gaming console in the market the Nintendo Wii comes with appropriate games for all ages. Though it falls short in terms of power consumption and multimedia features it compensates that by offering a large number of family games and games ideal for family gatherings. The overall game price is much cheaper and the extra controllers which come with it make it the best value for money gaming console if your budget is a little tight. Wii Sports, Mario Kart, Smash Brother’s Brawl are some of the exclusive games which come with it. Wii with Wii Sports resort Black and Wii console with Mario Kart Wii Bundle are the best choice for bundles when it comes to Nintendo.

Nintendo 3Ds
One of the best portable handheld gaming consoles, the Nintendo 3DS is undoubtedly the best gaming console for kids. It incorporates gyro and motion sensors which allows one to dodge the enemy fire or enables one to race around the track. You can download games for your 3DS for as less as $2 and the price of the games are around $30 each. So it can be an excellent gift for your children since it is bound to appeal to both teens and tweens. Since it doesn’t come with any game bundles one has to choose between the XL and the non XL version.