Berlin Zwanziger FIFA executive committee member of the 2022 World Cup being held in Qatar is forecast.

They claim that the Qatar Football extreme heat will lose the rights to host the mega event, the organization’s spokesman, on the other hand it is declared Berlin Zwanziger personal opinion. According to FIFA’s executive committee, German member Theo Berlin Zwanziger the Qatar 2022 World Cup will not, in an interview said that I finalized the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will not heat the diameter will lose the rights to host the event.

Former head of the German Football Federation said that the successful holding of competitions in hot conditions cannot be guaranteed. Qatar’s stadiums Berlin Zwanziger on the cooling system to connect to the World Cup is not just about the stadiums, the fans from the four corners of the world to be worried about the heat, the first probe to risk life will give rise to the FIFA Executive Committee will not want to answer that one. The FIFA spokesman Berlin Zwanziger saying that it is his personal opinion.

Remember the 2010 FIFA World Cup to Qatar with criticism was launched, this time in the Gulf states, a temperature of 40 ° C is reached. All of Europe’s major leagues to World Cup officials are not in favor of moving in cold weather. British newspaper The Sunday Times alleged that former football boss Mohammad Bin Hammam of Qatar before the voting support for spending more than $ 5 million, Qatar was strongly denied. FIFA’s Ethics Committee in early 2015, not only the diameter but also the 2022 World Cup to Russia to host the 2018 edition, will announce the results of the investigation.